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                        MOVING VEHICLE

Geotrans Logistics and Movers (Laos) is specialized in the international vehicle shipping and transportation of cars and motorcycles.
We offer two different options when shipping a vehicle overseas,
Roll On/Roll Off Service (Ro/Ro)
The most affordable method for transporting vehicles overseas. A Ro/Ro vessel has a ramp which opens up to allow the vehicles to be driven into the vessel.
Container Service
Container shipping for transporting your vehicle provides the safest way of transportation to your overseas destination.

Follow the guidelines given below in order to ensure a safe and secure transport of your vehicle.

            Alarm:                 De-activate the alarm system.

            Wash:                 Wash the vehicle thoroughly for accurate inspection.

            Personal Items: The vehicle should be free of personal items so that you need not
                                        worry about your belongings while the vehicle is being transported.

            Gas:                    Since the carrier is weighed at every state line and the more the
                                        weight the more will be the payment to be made. So make
                                        sure that the gas is no more than ? of the tank.

            Loose parts:     Secure or remove any loose parts or specialty items such as
                                        ground effects, spoilers, fog lights, or wide mirrors, lower or
                                        remove the antennae.

            Open tops:        Secure any tears or open seams on convertible tops to prevent
                                        fast-moving air from causing further damage.

            Radiator:          Make sure the radiator has adequate levels of fresh antifreeze.

            Battery:            Be sure that the battery is secure and has no leaks.

Vehicle Inspections
Make sure that your car is washed before pick up appointment. Motor Vehicle Description inventory (see below) contains the information of the status of the car before the move commences. On reaching the destination, it must be signed by both parties between receiver and authorized carrier. Herein we note if there is any damage. And any claim must be filed within 7 days.

Sample of Vehicle Inspection

                        Moving Pet

Relocation isn't just stressful for people. It will be equally stressful for your pets. When it comes to moving with pets, pre-planning is crucial. Pets, as with humans, are very sensitive to changes in their surroundings.
Every country has laws regarding animal entry. Your pets must comply with the health regulations. Before making moving arrangements, take your pet to its regular veterinarian for a health checkup, vaccinations, and to inquire about entry permits and sedation. Ask for a referral in your new area and obtain important documents, such as your pets' health certificates and vaccinations.
Animal entry laws may be doubly strict internationally. Depending on the country, your pet may be quarantined for up to six months for health inspection. In international pet moving cases, you may have to consider leaving your pet with a relative or a friend.
Informations mentioned below are necessary to move your pets for long distance :


            Vaccination Books;

            Health Certificate done by vet in LAO P.D.R. 7 days before departure maximum;

             We need to know if the dog in question will travel alone (as cargo) or in the same time
             that shipper (as accompanied baggage)

            We need dimension (L x W x H) and weight (kgs or lbs)of the dog in order to determine
            the dog cage size as show below

We try to book a direct flight to minimize the time the animal may be sitting outside the plane in inclement weather conditions. Some airlines provide counter-to-counter service so your pet will be carried on and off the plane by an airline employee. This service costs a little more, but it may be worth it for your pet's health and your peace of mind. 

Useful Information :
Dog Cage Samples

                          INSURANCE COVERAGE

In selecting Geotrans Logistics & Movers to carry out your move you have chosen one of the leading removal companies in LAO P.D.R. However, occasionally, even with the greatest care and attention, damage and loss to shipment may occur. We therefore recommend you to insure your entire shipment by "All Risk" insurance coverage.

            We can arrange this insurance package in order to provide our customer with a
            high level of insurance protection for your household goods and personal
            effects shipments.

            The underwriter's representative will provide you with a high quality claims service in
             the unlikely event of loss and damage.

            All insurance coverage will only be effective upon submission of a detailed priced and
             itemized inventory.

Limited Liability is the minimum coverage required by law, and is included in the base price of your move. Should you choose not to insure Geotrans Logistics and Movers's maximum liability to you and/or your company for loss or damage of the goods in this shipment will not exceed USD 0.20 per net pound per article.

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