Geotrans Logistics & Movers will pack everything for you. However, if you feel more confortable packing some personal items, we will be pleased to deliver packing materials to you in advance. But, leave the box you pack open so that the supervisor can inspect them. We must write PBO (packed by the owner) in case that the boxes are not sealed by our supervisor.
During the packing process, our supervisor will mark, on each carton they packed, items number, description, your name and destination. The items are recorded on the inventory packing list. You will receive a copy of this list for your record upon the completion of the job.
Herebelow are the list of our packing materials we will need to pack your goods. The cartons exist in differents sizes which are designed to be resistant and protect your personal belonging in perfect condition on delivery to your next destination.

List of Packing Materials
Type of Materials
Small Carton Box
40 x 40 x 40 CMS

Ideal for books, cd's records, tools, videos, small appliances or kitchen items.
Medium Carton Box
62 x 32 x 50 CMS

This box is ideal for kitchen items, linens or toys.
Large Carton Box
52 x 40 x 58CMS

Great for lamp shades, clothes, toys, kitchen items and oversize items.
Flat Carton Box
89 x 50 x 23 CMS

Ideal for clothes, ties.
Hanging Wardrobe
52 x 47 x 107 CMS


Great to pack all your clothes in. When unfolded, it becomes a portable closet.
Air Freight Box
80 x 60 x 65 CMS
5 PLY A185/A185

Ideal for air freight shipment
Tape Roll

Ideal for all your moving needs. Easy inexpensive way to seal your boxes for the big day!
Tape Dispenser

Ideal for all your moving needs..
Bubble Wrap

This wrap is ideal for wrapping paintings, large dishes, trays, and glassware. Protects items against vibration and shock.
Wrapping Paper

Wrap up all your dishes and fragile items in clean thin paper. This will help protect all your items and will keep them clean. You cannot have enough of this.
Foam Wrap or Paper Rolls

Foam holds items securely in place and provides great protection against scratches, sharp edges. This item protect electronics, small appliances or other fragile items.

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Local moves are short distance moves and may take a couple of hours or a couple of days, based on the size and the services requested. Geotrans Logistics and Movers (Laos) Co., Ltd will perform your move within your requested time frame because we give great attention to our customers' moving time requirements.
Moves are charged on a competitive daily rate, determined by the number of movers and trucks required for the move.


When you are considering an international move, there are a lot of thing to worry about. However, you can trust our international moving agent who have many years of experiences in handling custom clearance and delivery of your housegoods and personal effects at your destination.  We provide advice on what items to move and what items are prohibited because We're with you every step of the way.
Small shipments are loaded into wooden liftvans or crates specially designed for household good shipments.  Liftvans will then be consolidated into containers with other shipments.  Larger shipments are loaded into containers that range in size from 20 to 40 feet high cube.

Before giving you a quote, Geotrans Logistics & Movers will make a premove survey at your home to estimate the size of your shipment and determine any special service requirements you may need such as crating, storing, insurance coverage, etc.

After you have evaluated your moving companies, and selected the best company to servicing your moves. In choosing Geotrans Logistics & Movers, you require to return us original acceptance form with complete information. Once we received your acceptance form, we will inform you the following information :

         International custom information;
        Destination custom form;

        Destination Agent with contact number and contact person;

        Insurance declaration form;

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